Digitally empowering the criminal justice sector to break the cycle of reoffending and reduce crime

We’re a social enterprise dedicated to transforming the whole of the UK’s criminal justice sector. Our mission is to make it easier for police forces and delivery partners to provide reassurance and support to the most vulnerable; whether that’s victims of crime, offenders or people at risk of offending. We do this by connecting all parts of the criminal justice system together through the latest AI technology.

We are passionate about putting people on the road to recovery and rehabilitation, by providing access to the appropriate services. By doing so, we hope to improve the outlook for hundreds of thousands of impacted citizens and prevent millions becoming victims of crime.

As a UK-based social enterprise committed to providing digital solutions, we help the vulnerable in many different ways. 51% of all profits generated are re-invested into a fund to support individuals to start their own businesses. 

Our Partners

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