Our platform provides an end to end solution for managing your users

Enables you to interact quickly and efficiently with other agencies providing help and support.


  • 1000s of help providers
  • App for staff and end users
  • Online Portal for Staff
  • Onboarding entire supply chain

Benefit to end User

  • Gives user control and the ability to find the support that they need
  • Everything in one place. calendar, chat etc Users can get quick response
  • Entire user journey managed in a system that was build to put the user at the centre of everything
  • User able to interact with an enormous number of servicer providers

Benefits to Help Provider or Support Agency

  • Find local services that are best placed to help your users
  • Quicker communication with users and colleagues. Staff updated in real time.
  • Complete staff and user scheduling solution. Reduce the admin overhead and leave more time to focus on user
  • Can schedule users on an intervention from an entire supply chain in one click

Detailed Features of App

Features Benefit to end User Benefits to Help Provider or Support Agency
Job Board Users can set alerts for job in their local area Staff can search and signposts users to jobs
Announcements Receive notifications about opportunities in local area Broadcast news to the entire user population
Shared Calendar Clarity about date and time of upcoming appointments Make it easy to schedule staff and users on appointments.
Link to Google Maps Find out the quickest way to a location Able to choose an exact location for event, perhaps with meeting point in park or other location with limited address details
Whatsapp style chat feature Able to get hold of case workers or supervisors in real time Able to respond quickly to users, reduce distractions through phone calls
Send attachments on chat Can send documents without having to travel to a local office Send documents to users
“Nudge” notifications to users Receive notifications about upcoming events Assurance that reminders have been sent, save time sending reminders
Email notifications Receive updates on phone as well as email Cost and time savings through not sending letters
Check-in Proof of on-time arrival See in real time that users have arrived
Check-out Proof of on-time departure. Avoid conversations about attendance See that user stayed until end of course
User Feedback Enable user to provide feedback on service received Staff can see feedback on third party services. Make informed decisions about future referrals
Facilitator Feedback Get real time feedback from your facilitator Share feedback to case managers in real time

Portal Features

Features Benefit to end User Benefits to Help Providers or Support Agency
Interventions Scheduling Find the perfect Interventions for each user Enable all members of the network to display Interventions to users
Staff Scheduling Ensure Interventions are not cancelled at short notice due to lack of staff Schedule most appropriate staff. Maximise use of internal staff. Reduce agency spend
Health and Safety Assessments User not sent to an unsafe location Reassures staff that H&S checks have been completed
Issue Management Any incidents are recorded and can be followed up on Overview of all instances that have been reported. Can ensure these are followed up.
User Management Reduces time spent rekeying basic information to each agency All details regarding user kept in one place
Risk Assessment Reduces time on assessments Assessment can be conducted on each individual
Document repository User can access key documents on the move Can store all documents related to the user. Can select which to share with user

Our Commitment to Security

  • All data securely hosted in local Amazon Web Services 

  • JOSCAR Compliant

  • Cyber Essentials accredited 

  • Member of Home Office’s ACE team

  • BSI pen tested annually

  • GDPR compliant

  • Each release subject to multiple screening including Immuniweb and OWASP checker

  • UK G Cloud Vendor

  • No IT installation required

  • Browser based, optimised for Chrome

  • Includes both Apple IoS and Android Apps

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