A male and a female police officers wearing high vis vests with the word "Police" across the back

We offer all the digital tools needed for issuing Out of Court Disposals and managing ongoing offender conditions and referrals

Co-designed with a multi-force coalition of five UK police forces, including the Metropolitan PoliceKentLeicestershireCity of London and British Transport Police, we can be confident our unique platform centres the user in its design. 

Five Police force logos - British Transport Police, City of London Police, Kent Police, Leceistershire Police, Metropolitan Police
Officers have the following tools at their fingertips:
  • An app they can use on the street, and a browser-based version for use in the station
  • An eligibility screening tool to ensure they make correct and defensible decisions
  • A fully-configurable assessment tool to determine the needs of the individual quickly, and without bias and disproportionality
  • Condition-setting tools which provide appropriate recommendations based on an individual’s profile, removing subjectivity
  • The ability to record a victim’s wishes and allow them to withdraw from an investigation or accept an Out of Court Disposal
  • A referral and management module which automatically informs commissioned service partners
  • Comprehensive management information to track completion.
For Senior Management, our solution also provides:
  • Dashboards to show individual, team and service provider progress
  • MI showing how decisions have been reached, highlighting any areas of disproportionality.

Compared to front-line officers who don’t use these digital tools, this model reduces overall cost by 50% and reduces the overall impact on front-line officers by 85%.

COMING SOON – more exciting new developments: 

The next phase of our technological development is an innovative AI-based data analytics platform to help police forces increase their use of OOCD and Restorative Justice by: 

  1. Reviewing the court backlog to determine cases that could be dealt with by an Out of Court Disposal. 
  2. Predict the effectiveness of an OOCD and the likelihood of reoffending for that particular circumstance versus the court process
  3. Optimise and automate the overall OOCD process
  4. Automate the administrative side of the RJ process
  5. Streamline and improve victim engagement in Restorative Justice. 
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With all of our platform functionality, we offer full training, online and in person to all officers.

We will tailor it depending on whether you are managing Out of Court Disposals centrally or locally.