Connecting all areas of the Criminal Justice sector to support victims and achieve justice

Using the latest technology police forces, service providers, offenders, victims, prisons and probation services are digitally connected in a way that’s never been done before.

With a massive opportunity to do good, we can save time and money and increase opportunity and transparency across all areas of the Criminal Justice sector. 

Our Platform

A complete operating model that supports both front line officers and senior management to adhere to the new Out of Court Disposals legislation based on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act. It also creates a positive impact on the judicial system by reducing the number of offences being referred to court. 

This revolutionary technology allows front line officers to deal more effectively with offenders on the street. They’ll be able to refer them immediately to the appropriate local services rather than the time consuming and ineffective court-to-prison route. Officers will gain full transparency over the end to end referral process, and start building a better understanding of the root causes of why offenders commit crime.

The platform also supports police officers to provide better support to Victims of crime. In the same way they can refer offenders, they can also refer victims to a better selection of support agencies than is currently available. 

The benefits to police, victims and the wider community: 

  • Eliminate 80%+ of the new workload from front line staff
  • Reduce cost of running out of court disposals by 50%
  • Enable immediate on-the-street decision-making and referrals to local community groups
  • Provide unparalleled insights into proportionality of Officer decision-making
  • Develop understanding of appropriateness of interventions and support the selection of future conditions
  • Ensure transparency and reassurance for Victims.

What they’ve said about our community-based approach: 

A gamechanger

London Probation Services

A project of immense societal value

Will revolutionise Policing in this country
Police Project Sponsor

  • Winner of two InnovateUK Grants and a Police Innovation Award
  • Awarded “Best Digital Transformation Product – SME” at the Technology Product Awards 2022
  • Ranked one of the Top 10 ideas for improving chances for Prison leavers
  • Selected as a software solutions provider to the Home Office’s RASSO project in partnership with ACE